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Promotions and advertising


 Promotions and advertising


Natural gas conversion campaign


The natural gas conversion campaign was distributed on Vancouver Island, where my client, FortisBC, developed a new liquid natural gas storage facility, opening up a new market. The goal of the campaign was to promote awareness and to convince potential customers to switch to natural gas by showing the cost comparison of three fuel options: natural gas, electricity and oil. 

The strategy of this campaign was to present a friendly, colourful and consistent look and feel that’s easily adapted to a variety of media, including vehicle liveries, and ads for print, online and social media.



BC Provincial Health

services authority

I was hired by the Provincial Health Services Authority in BC to create a series of posters for hospitals around BC encouraging staff to adapt their habits, encouraging more environmentally-responsible behaviour. We printed these on uncoated, recycled paper and used the images for web-based communications via intranet.



fortis BC corporate


Creating a theme for a document like a corporate report and devising how the photography and artwork will flow from that theme is a project I can work with you on. Here are a couple of examples of how we used statistics and stories about people to engage our audience, creating bits of information that are easily digestible and showing behind the scenes as engagement tools. I can take the photographs myself or hire a photographer depending on your budget.



Print advertisments

Print ads are a great challenge - we need to take into consideration the paper, magazine or website’s audience and try to speak to that audience specifically. What are the benefits of doing business with you? What does your audience assume about your product or service, and what myths need dispelling?