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Visual Communications Consulting



Brand consulting sessions are intended to help you get your brand started - what’s your vision for your product or service? What are the values you want to see reflected in your brand’s identity? It’s an opportunity for us to assess your goals and to discuss the processes of creating a logo. We’ll explore what channels are best to share your brand story and look at best practices for marketing and promotion using print, web and social media. The consultation is designed to assist you to start your business and help with growing your customers’ awareness of and support for your brand.

Discussion points at a brand consulting session may include:

  • How to take your target market into consideration when you’re planning your branding

  • What type of files you’re going to need for print and web applications and how to store, organize and share them

  • Choosing a flexible, functional colour scheme

  • Developing brand standards and templates

  • What to avoid when designing your brand identity

  • What programs to consider using when building a website

  • Social media branding basics

  • Best channels to market your brand and ideas to grow your business

Brand consultation - 1 hour - $175